Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why we're taking up space

Hi! We're John and Mary Johnston the authors of The Frugal Prosumer Series (Tips and Tricks to Securing Your Financial Future).

Over five decades John has earned degrees in marketing, business, and education, taught, worked in cities around the world, started small businesses, and counseled financially over 1,000 individuals.

We've experienced some of the richest economies and some of the poorest. We've had the opportunity to interact with people of many cultures and have gained from them invaluable knowledge of financial principles. We have discovered some universal financial truths that work in all times and all cultures.

Along with our son Benjamin, we live in Wisconsin. We are working as a team experimenting and implementing The Frugal Prosumer principles that we teach and write about.
This blog is based on our experiences. Our desire is to improve the lives of people by empowering them with knowledge and truth that can free them up financially so they have time and resources to follow their passions and make positive changes in this world. Our vision and goal is not only to help individuals, but to teach them how to help others.

So why are we taking up your precious time and air space? Because we obviously feel we have something of value to share with others. And we think others have something of value to share with us. Hopefully it will generate experiences from readers to help people along in their frugal prosumer journey. And maybe it will help others to take a look and realize they can do it too.
It’s really hard to know where to start with this. I(Mary) could start with my own parents who had to manage 7 children. I don’t remember any heart to heart talks on frugality or prosumerism. They just lived it.

John’s parents were very much the prosumers. Living as missionaries in a place that begged creativity and make do-ness instilled in him some skills. Or at least permission to live deliberately. When everything is there for you I believe you lose the opportunity to make the choice and take personal responsibility. We do our youth a disfavor by taking the easy way out and “supplying” for them. How many of you had to scrimp and save and furnish your first home with curb side furniture when you were first married? And didn’t you just love it? The Value was in the adventure and making due and doing something together. Frugal Posumering that paid off.

We’re going to let you take a peek into our life journals and glean from them. We’ll even give you permission to say “NO way”. That’s okay.